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May 29, 2012

2012 Battle With The Bugs Has Begun

Yes you read it correctly the war has begun and I am taking no prisoners.  Well, scratch that I will take prisoners directly to the nearest lake or river and water-board them to catch someones dinner. I'm talking Walleye, Bass, Catfish! What ever is in the mood for fresh caught slug or grasshopper meat? It is on!!!! [fyi... I really don't like fish either only fishing]
This morning I went out after Neeming the whole garden yesterday and noticed even more damage. Not just damage, but the entire loss of my Ruby Wallace Old Time White Cucumber that I received from Baker Creek Heirloom as part of the Grow It Forward Heirloom Seed Contest. I am so heated right now because what I thought was possibly one last remaining cucumber sprout to "make it" through some kind of bug/ultra sun attack has passed on with its brethren. So I am now debating on either starting again by directly sowing seed in a well guarded and watched pot; or buying something new and already well into the growing process. Another reason I'm so peeved is that during my morning observations I saw that the pole beans have barely been touched. They were sown the same day and time as the red noodle long beans which have been almost totally devoured. I hypothesize that heirloom plants must be tastier to bugs and people than the hybrid plants.  I call myself scaling down the number of plants this year so as not to have a jungle. Well at the rate of bug dinner dates in my garden I may only have a half empty plot. That's what I get for not being as aggressive as I should with the buggers last year. I'm heading out directly to re-up my Sluggo and to pick up my own beer since hubby frowns upon sharing his "good" beer with the slimy critters. Also I am setting grapefruit traps.  Might as well grab a bottle of wine while I'm there to help me get through the loss of all my cucumber plants, most of my newly sown zinnias, all but 2 haogen melons, and the aforementioned red noodle bean plants.