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Weeks of Apples and Treats

Despite my earlier protestations, and with much appreciated assistance, I not only planted what turned out to be an overfilled garden, I harvested more than I had intended too. Though what I looked forward to harvesting the most however, were the 28 apples from our 3 y/o Honeycrisp apple tree. Of course I have been counting apples every year since it was planted and I wasn't alone in my exuberance. Think Count Dracula and Sesame Street.... 😁 Well, long story short I won't be sharing any pictures of a 28 apple harvest nor a 2 apple harvest because before I could figure out there was an issue, they were all gone (darn squirrels). Anyone in my position would be fuming and more than annoyed by the total disregard of their hard work and their pie/crumble making plans right? I could have stayed angry at those little biters and even considered practicing my slingshot making skills on them while they were chitting and running about one day. It really took me a few minutes of cursing t

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