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June 23, 2011

They're Ready! Homegrown Strawberries

The wait is over, I went to pick borage for tea and right under my nose were shining brightly red the most juicy little summer berries. We've done the vulture flight(actually it's a walk) around our patch for days now and only found a few stragglers. But today I hit the mother load. This is our first real harvest and I am feeling the part of an accomplished gardener. I couldn't wait for my lil man to come home to help nab the berries because the squirrels have been ever present today. They have taken up watch in the big oak and their twiggy mess is all over the newly manicured lawn. But I had a trick for them though, letting the dog accompany me while I picked and picked. I see a fresh jar of preserves setting up on our counter in the near furure... Tonight that is.