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December 6, 2010

2010 Cookie Exchange Party

Our second annual cookie exchange was a success. Yes there was snow, cold, and only half the amount of invited guests. However, we had a great turn out full of fun activities and great food. Speaking of the food, everyone loved the lasagna, brie en croute, variety of cheeses, brownies, cake, cookies and more cookies of course.  Bright reds and greens have been a big part of our holiday parties for years. These colors don't just involve the decor, they're in the foods and the drinks. This year our guests had to again come up with their most creative holiday cookie that did not contain artificial dyes and sweeteners. For some guests this was not an easy task so they opted out of coming all together and though disappointing, I fully respect their decision. As you'll see from the pictures below, we had a variety of delicious natural cookies that I was happy to display and even more happier to devour.  The types of cookies prepared included: Mint Chocolate chip, lime iced angels, a vegan sugar cookie, a vegan oreo, oatmeal raisin craisin with toasted pecan, russian tea cakes with two types of nuts, peanut butter caramel kiss, peanut butter chocolate swirl, shortbread, and a cranberry spice. Both vegan cookies were gluten, dair, soy, and nut free. They taste so good! I actually have been eating the cute little sugar cookies in a bowl like tortilla chips. *blush* Come on now it's the holidays. LOL
We have plenty to put out for Santa this year, and plenty to share with other loved ones. So if you are in need of some baking assistance this year to build that beautiful cookie tray for Christmas I highly recommend having your very own cookie exchange party.