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June 29, 2010

Regional Reports :: National Gardening Association

As a young girl I grew up in a home with the best apple tree in the world. Why was it so amazing? Well, because it was outside my bedroom window and it was perfect for climbing, hanging upside down like a monkey, and eating super fruit of course!!! Today while working on my family website and making plans for this years Cookie Exchange; I actually had time to read my email. There I ran into an article about growing apples and preserving their essence while growing by using nylon footies. You know the kind you find at famous footwear? This is one of the coolest ideas I have ever read about in my pursuits to become a better more efficient gardener. While our family currently is foregoing the planting of an apple tree, this tip may come in handy next year. It is so amazing what you can find on the web! Please check out this Regional Report from the :: National Gardening Association called "Baggin' my Apples" to find out how you can grow and protect the most fruits of your gardening labor later this summer/fall.