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March 4, 2014

Snow Diving For A Cause

The MDA Muscle Walk is just a few short days away and my team the Myositis Steppers is at the halfway point.

In a last ditch effort to meet or exceed my fund-raising goal for this cause I would like to offer up a challenge. 

If I get at least 10 people to give $20 dollars between now and this coming Friday, the 7th of March by 10:00PM cst; I will snow dive in my brand new swim suit the evening after the walk and post it to my YouTube and fb page.

That is how much I believe in this cause! It is predicted to be a high of 26° and a low of 0° that day. brrrrrrr!!!! The MDA hosts walks all over the country to raise money for research and awareness campaigns for people dealing with muscular diseases whether they are old, young, or in-between. For those who want to know, each donation is tax deductible. 

The dive won't happen without your support so please help me achieve my goal today! 

The link below will take you to our team page. No amount is too small.