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September 30, 2013

In the thick of the harvest I can still stand!

It all started off so easy....
Our 1st Indigo Rose
 I mean, look at the blush on that Indigo Rose for God's sake! I never expected to come across such a beautiful specimen in my garden. This is truly an unusual piece of fruit. Seriously, if it has access to full sun its skin is like a marble made of onyx. Can you tell that, I am totally procrastinating by getting into the nuances of the Indigo Rose? That's because basically I came to the realization that I may be a glutton for punishment. Just whispering the word easy around this place is just crazy talk, let alone trying to fool myself by writing it. What am I not remembering? Oh yeah, this spring was far from easy. It was a wet/cold/feverishly busy/sweat filled mess! [could have just been me]

Starting with my bright idea of downgrading to a one bin compost system from two and expanding out my garden. From that experience I ended up overworked and with my beautiful helpers [sis-inlaw, son, and daughter] also overworked. What happens when your muscles have done all they can do and you are trying to just "get it in the ground"? I'll tell you, A Literal Vegetable Jungle happens. Including volunteers that you...O.K. I left in "just in case" the other stuff didn't work out. I mean sure a swarm of grasshoppers and other green eyed veggie killers could have decimated everything in one fell swoop like a scene from 'The Mummy' right? Come on, this is the year of Sharknado... The big fish with all of the teeth could be replaced with something conjured up from the book of Exodus right? 
See what I mean?

Maybe that was too much... I may be a tad dramatic this morning lol. I admit I would not let myself be saved. I haven't been the best at asking for help in the past. However, I am now amending this little character flaw and opening up to the idea of bribing ahem... *cough cough* I mean offering refreshment to anyone with functioning digits who are so inclined to stand/crouch/ or matrix move their way through the rows of vegetation to collect the glorious glowing gems that abound. I'm talking sungold tomatoes up the wazoo, ground cherries volunteering for days, red noodle long beans, chard, beets, pumpkins *shakes fist* and so on and so forth. 

bowls and pitchers full of yum
Red Noodle Long Bean Harvest
I should mention again that all of the aforementioned produce was planted with the best of intentions! I would make bi-weekly runs to the food shelf and have plenty of time/energy to put food by for my home and inhabitants. But it's not too late! Frost has not fallen... Wait... Frost forms it doesn't fall... Anyway, you know what I mean. It aint that cold.... YET!!! That being said I'm putting the word out today with some dates and my proposed meal incentive to all those who deem to give Dang Gone.

Happy Harvest to all! I'm still smiling and able to stand.... 

Who is with me?
tomato - to ma to - a bunch yo!
I think we captured summer here!