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August 7, 2013

Community Garden Day Declared in Minneapolis

I have been talking about Community Garden day for a couple of months now.[previous post here] Today I wanted to share with you all, that Minneapolis has passed a resolution declaring August 10th Community Garden DayHow exciting?
That means you can check out a map of participating gardens for tours and activity information on the Gardening Matters website and plan which tour(s) to go on this Saturday.
Each garden will be celebrating in their own unique way with activities that range from: Collard Green Cook-off, Tomato testing, kids activities, art projects, story telling, and African drumming.
I hope you can find one or more gardens to visit through out the day. Maybe I'll bump into you and your family there!
For more info please visit: http://www.gardeningmatters.org/
Happy Planting, Harvesting, and Garden Touring,