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July 11, 2013

Bare Root Strawberries Galore!

In may we dug up 190 bare root strawberry plants. The majority of them were for a friend of mine who is getting rid of the grass in the front and sides of his home and putting in an edible landscape. I have nothing against strawberries they are one of my most favorite fruits ever; but there were four varieties battling it out in the space I needed for the blueberry plants I had pined for all winter (then received from the Friends School Plant Sale). I kept thirty of the plants my beautiful assistant dug up with the help of her brother. I then soaked, wrapped, and bundled them so that they would be so overwhelming to plant in their new homes.

After dropping off the bountiful berry root stock we were gifted with two types of cherry trees. One is a Balaton Cherry and the other is a Dogwood called a Cornelian Cherry. If you live in the state you know that this spring was cold and hella wet... That being said after putting it in it's new home the Balaton developed a brown rot condition that through research I'm told may bounce back with a little homemade spray containing milk and some TLC. I've yet to plant the Cornelian which is still thriving in it's pot. Before the summer ends it will be in it's new home and prayerfully in a much better condition than it's buddy.

Now that the strawberries have found a new home they are thriving and some even had fruit this year. The blueberries though are doing AMAZING!!! If you dig through the archives you'll find that I had an awful time with the blueberry plants in the past. Honestly I doubted my skills as a gardener for failing so hard with them; but like most things in life if once you try and don't succeed, try, try, again! Armed with the power of You Tube I realized my own user error was the issue. I will have more than enough on that for you later on with pictures of the blueberry bed including 1st year fruit.

Happy planting and harvesting!