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July 11, 2013

Better Late Than Never!

Spring sprung after winter went out like a lion... Fighting and roaring all the way. I have so many updates for you all I don't know where to begin. Back tracking a little I am several steps closer to having my technology up to date so that I can do this blog. An integral piece to my work in the past has been my cell phone a what I thought was a decent camera, and a pretty reliable PC. The camera started to develop issues first, taking a while to come on then after a battery change refusing to come on at all. The PC developed so many problems it had to be re-imaged and every program restored which required way too much time. 

This spring was not just hard on my technology it was also hard on my body. I was able to teach a couple classes and then able to get a bit of my own winter sowing done; but not hardly enough. There are still blank spots in my garden today but I'll get to that later. I can't remember if I posted about my bum knee or not, but a December knee injury kept me from getting around like I needed to this spring. There was a bout with another medical issue besides Dermatomyositis which pretty much kept me from thinking of food or growing food [not for too long though]. 

To make a long story shorter and getting to the pictures I have  for you, I'll say this last thing on my hiatus... It has been quite a year already but I am blessed and highly favored! I know this because I'm still here to blog another day. Despite the loss of my camera I have managed to get some decent photos to share with you, a new laptop, and some awesome gardening stories to share with you.


P.S. Please enjoy getting updated on my busy Spring and Viewing how my summer is unfolding!