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May 4, 2013

It's All About Coming Together In May!

Spicy Italian Polish From Tollefson Family Pork - MPLS Farmers Market

It's officially spring when the Farmers Markets start opening one by one. Each market around the city has their own distinctive personality. The treats, treasures, and specialties vary so widely that you have to visit more than just one to find your staple vendor(s). Minnesotans by and large are a hardy bunch. We have our own brand of crazy and creative. If there is something new to experience we will come out en 
masse rain or shine, sleet or snow with shovel in hand to support the arts, good food, community, and a plethora of causes. 

I've gotten so caught up in trying to do it all that I have not left enough time in the day to update you all on the going-ons around town. That is until now.... 

For starters, today the Midtown Farmers Market opened up and I have to say that the food trucks are a very welcome sight to my near-sighted eyes. Two of the vendors that helped fill my and my sons bellies included Kabomelette and Hola Arepa. Like a true Minnesotan I had an iced beverage in 40* degree weather with my meal and I don't regret a thing. The food was oober amazing and I wish I could have both of these guys park their trucks in front of my house daily so I don't have to cook for myself. lbvs...

Moving on to tomorrow, it will be May 5, 2013 a.k.a Cinco de Mayo.  This is a day of celebration for Mexican pride, and heritage honoring the battle of Puebla. For my family this day consists of music, food, parades, clothes, more food, and did I mention food? If we don't find a vendor with Elotes, Huarache, Carne Asada or el Pastor Tacos it is not Cinco de Mayo. [It still is technically but we'd be bummed all the same lol] The Minneapolis parade/festival will be held on Mothers day but there are varying dates for this celebration in St. Paul starting today, St. Louis Park today and tomorrow. I found a great link about events in the Twin Cities at:  http://minneapolis.about.com/od/eventsfestivals/tp/cincodemayo.htm 

If celebrating the 5th of May Mexican style isn't enough, on this same day there will be the awesome 39th Annual May Day Festival and Parade. The parade starts at 1:00 PM on 25th Street and Bloomington Avenue in Minneapolis and travels down Bloomington Avenue ending with an awesome festival at Powderhorn Park. It has been several years since I've been to the May Day parade. Mostly because I was entrenched in a life out in the burbs far too long... Since that is no longer an issue I can hardly wait to see and experience all the puppets, costumes, food, performances, poets, visionaries, family, friends, and neighbors that make South Minneapolis such a great community.

Fast forward two weeks to May 18th and South Minneapolis residents, community gardeners, and local businesses can join the ever growing network of gardeners & urban farmers by picking up seeds and seedlings at the Local Resource Hubs Plant distribution. If you've been here before you know that I'm a member and I like to encourage all of my fellow Minneapolitans to become members as well. Membership is so super reasonable and not only will you get great plants and seeds; You'll also have access to free or low-cost classes, tools, volunteer opportunities, and social events. How fun it is to grow together!!!

Registration can be fulfilled online or on-site at the event which will be 
10 AM - 1 PM at:

Phillips Community Center/Waite House
2323 13th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

NOTE: This year 40lb bags of compost will be available to pick up at the event $5 a bag for hub members.