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January 14, 2013

No Fuss Connecting in 2013

The new year has just begun and I am meeting new people and participating in projects that a year or two ago hadn’t even crossed my mind. Who could have known that chronicling my gardening, DIY, and Foodie exploits could put me in touch with so many great people? Well, I am especially excited today to touch on some of the activities within the city of Minneapolis this year that have to do with access to good nutritious food, engaging residents in conversations about urban agriculture, and improving the health and resiliency of our entire community.

Whether it be through the
Gardening Matters’ “Local Food Resource Hubs”, a citywide initiative like Homegrown Minneapolis, or the Chard your Yard initiative that Transition Longfellow is kicking off this year; Minneapolis residents have an opportunity to fellowship with their neighbors and friends in embracing a healthier and maybe even a sustainable way of living with each other.

The 1st Saturday of this month I was able to engage in conversation with a group of other enthusiastic Transition Longfellow members. We discussed some design principles of permaculture that are relevant to gardening and urban ag as well as principles that are relevant to us as individuals and residents in our personal lives. This months Transition Longfellow Permaculture challenge to Observe and Interact has me assessing and planning for my own garden/backyard oasis as well as how I’m going to use my personal skill-sets in the future. 

I am very much a country girl at heart and genetics if not by location. There have been many a time in my life as a Northerner (or Yankee) where I’d sometimes miss the slow and steady pace of living in the south. People there seemed very much community oriented and took their time (sometimes too much) to assess a situation and then moving forward with a plan of action.

Two of the organizations I touched on previously have helped me find that sense of connection and meaningful action here in Minneapolis that has been missing since a short stint I had living down south. As of January 2012 I have really  stepped out of the box I put myself in. I've volunteered for duties within my current skill-set as well as pushed myself to learn new skills to grow as an individual to support my family as well as my community.  

If you are looking to connect in your community there is no better way to do this than to start with connecting around food and/or food related issues. You don’t have to be an activist to participate and engage in meaningful conversation or activities within your city. Check out any of the links along the wall of this blog, check out what your citywide initiatives are
, or check out the organizations I touched on above.

Who knows, I may just see you at a potluck. Speaking of a potluck, if you are planning on starting or continuing any gardening efforts this year; the Southside Hub is having a potluck and seed packing party January 26th at 12:00pm - 2:30pm. The location has yet to be determined so make sure you visit www.gardeningmatters.org for more up to date information.

Happy Connecting & Garden Planning!