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December 30, 2012

Before New Years Banana Pudding

Happy New Year everyone!!! I have missed getting on here and updating you all on what I have been learning and what's been keeping me busy. First off I'll ask you, how could one go through thanksgiving and show restraint? I did and couldn't even believe it myself. lol
I have to say though, I have been feeling better eating a diet of real and non processed food. Taking out the junk has improved my blood pressure and slowly but surely my waistline. Which is not easy to do while trying to manage a awful autoimmune disease like Myositis.

I was ok until December 1st hit. My life since then has been all about the sweets. We hosted our Annual Cookie Exchange and Christmas Party which was a huge success. Everyone including my brother brought awesome treats to the table for sharing. Packing school lunch couldn't be easier after an event like this. Not to forget to mention having quick treats on hand for all the visitors that come through around this time of year. It's made my life more sweet because I like to share good food all the time. That's the southern hospitality my family is known for. If we are not trying to feed somebody something then there is a problem. 

Usually at Thanksgiving my mother in-law makes Banana Pudding. This year I either missed it or she didn't make it. I concentrated so much on restraint that I really didn't mind. Just when I thought I couldn't eat any more cookies though I and just the thought of stomaching another cookie left me scrambling for something fresh like an apple; I start hearing grumblings from the gang about needing "something sweet".  So right before New Years eve like an evil sugar genius I come up with the decadent idea of combining vanilla wafers (a.k.a. more cookies) with a homemade vanilla custard and thinly sliced bananas, and a sweet meringue. Oh the joy in this home when this sweet dish was served!

Now my plans are stepping away from the dessert table for a while. Not because I gained 3 pounds and it's a New Year, but because I don't want to nix my healthier eating habits. They've now become a part of the me that I am trying to become.

With all that said I again wish you a Happy New Year. Please know that I have some awesome posts planned for 2013. I'll be Winter Sowing soon so if you are into that like I am check back often in the upcoming weeks.

Happy Planning & Peace & Love