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October 8, 2012

Basil overload? It's PestoTime!

Me & Basil Just before the big chill
Basil Gone Bye Bye ~ It's Pesto Time
The bitter cold has set in much too soon for most of us in this region. It's just the second week in October and a Minnesota ski parks has opened sooner than another parks in the country with real (manmade) snow.... With the rain that has just started to make it out of the atmosphere in the last couple hours I'm thinking the snow won't last very long. However the very cold day and night time temps has been conducive to flake making and the killing of all essential tasty things in my and other gardens around town.

Speaking of casualties, our basil was almost caught and destroyed by the too cold temps. However,I raced out snatched the whole plants from the ground and proceeded with removing the not so succulent leaves and washing them. Since the cold makes me really lethargic I waited a couple days to process the leaves into what you see here. Two varieties of Pesto; a white bean pesto and a walnut pesto packaged for use through the truly frigid months to come. Instead of washing the remnants from the blender I added tomatoes, onion, garlic, s&p to the un-scraped carafe for making a tomato sauce for lasagna. It turned out great and I didn't waste a drop of the good ole green stuff. It's a good day when everyone is full from their mostly homegrown supper.

Happy harvest to you all.

Oan, what do you do with basil in the fall? Do you put any by for later use?