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September 14, 2012

Where did the falls go?

Just made it back from walking the dog. What is disturbing to the hubby and me is that along the creek bed we saw only rocks and small puddles with stranded fish. What was worst of all was hearing only quiet as we walked to where the water "falls" over the sandstone into the lower creek bed. There was a trickle that didn't fall it kind of just sheened down the rocks into what was a very small kiddie sized pool of water. Kids from a neighboring school yelled, "crane" "crane". As we edged closer to see that there indeed was a crane plump full with fish that were very easy pickings. We've always wondered if there were fish going over the falls and today proved that yes there were and that they depend on the falls for their lively hood. It gets them from one place to another, and carries valuable nutrients and food to them. Until today the drought in my mind only consisted of brown grass, thirsty trees, and dried up vegetation. Today's visit opened up my eyes and has me a tad worried about the future of our city and state if this dry spell continues. It may not be enough putting by a couple dozen jars of preserves and sauce. Something bigger may be on the horizon besides higher priced sugar, wheat, and corn.... I'm going to stay hopeful as well as educated about our climate and the changes going on around us. We can't afford to have shortages in water with everything else going on in the world. It's a vital resource for one and all. Especially the smallest among us. Step one and two for us? Conservation and Education!