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August 25, 2012

The Elusive Red Noode Has Arrived

Dost my eyes decieve me? that is what I thought when walking through the garden hunting monster sized zuchinni. The wait for just a glimpse of a single bean has been agonizing. I thought for sure this would be my star veg this year but alasthey almost didn't make an appearance at all. First there were critter issues which widdled them from 12 plants to 3. Of which only two are actually of size and blooming. Then there have been sunlight issues ad possible overcrowding. I take full responsibility because with this years crop rotation the tomatoes and my almost too ingenius table queen squash plan; I accidentally walled in some things that are now getting partial to full southern sunlight instead of just full. Looking at the garden as a whiole you'd never suspect any issues. My neighbors daughter says to her mom, "Mommy look at Mrs. Jones garden it's just like a jungle!". I so agree.... It's easy to get discouaged at this stage of the game. There is just so much produce ready to be utilized or Put By at one time. I have swiss chard, collards, and tatsoi that need to be pulled, stripped, blanched, and frozen. Pesto needs to be made pronto. The Kimchi garden (cabbage, thai peppers, lemon grass, and daikon)has been a success so time to ferment it up... Also the edamame is way ahead of schedule so that needs to come up same process as the greens. My plan is to attempt a pre-fall pea planting for a late harvest which may not go so well with temps rebounding. Nothing fails but a try so I think I'll give it a go sometime soon if I have strength enough to even stand to bend over. Either that or transplant way more leeks in the soon to be bare areas. Insanity or extreme opposite of ADD has me planning on my 2013 garden. I will try the red noodle long bean again. As well as these blue lake pole beans which are not as easy to find as the red noodle but very tasty entree or side a few days out of the week. Any plant that does not recquire bending for long periods and use of tylenol arthritis to harvest I'm very keen on. If only the basil could grow vertically on a trellis.... LOL
Happy Harvesting!