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August 15, 2012

Our Little Free Library Project

For a month now I have been planning on particpating with the Little Free Library Project. On August 5th I had the opportunity to build one my own after signing up for a build sponsored by the Transition Longfellow Group and Longfellow Community Council. Little Free Libraries (LFL)are exactly what the name suggests. Tiny buildings that hold books that a person or persons own that they share with their community. 
The build I attended was an awesome experience; set up very professionally with experienced woodworkers and like minded neighbors. Having an optional potluck was a very tasty idea my son truly enjoyed as well. It's always nice gathering to do a project with tasty food as incentive. Since this post is about the libraries I won't get distracted by food talk right now. However, I will encourage anyone who is compelled to share their love of reading and promoting literacy in their community to build one of their own. I plan on sharing a wide range of books. From gardening, bedtime stories, magazines, and pretty much what ever has pages I can find. For more information on the Little Free Library Project click here or go to www.littlefreelibrary.org
My whole family has pitched in to paint, water proof, and decorate our LFL and now that it's done we plan on having our own opening ceremony once it's mounted in the front. Enjoy the pics and look for updates on our LFL journey.