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August 31, 2012

Got to have green!!

House Plants.....
Are simply a joy to most people who enter a home or mall where they bloom, sprawl or climb. Especially in the winter; in Minnesota. I know no one wants to think of the "W" word for a while but it is on my mind. Most of us flood the malls just to get a little view of greenery during shopping excursions or enjoying a nice hot chocolate while listening to our screaming children run from ride to ride at a venue like Mall of America. 
I didn't really have this on my mind today when I took a trip to the Minneapolis Farmers Market to find discounted outdoor plants or shrubs. However, low and behold there before me in a stall next to piles of edamame were beautiful Peace Lillies, Aloe, and Pothos plants. Most people think my thumbs are stained green with how well I tend plants on the outside. I have had no real luck with house plants since..... Well, since we moved to this house. The direction of the sun is not conducive to what plants need in our family room and the only place I have tried to refrain from putting plants is my sons room which gets most of the light no matter the time of day. So I pretty much just kept walking past this stall until I remembered an article I read on the benefits of houseplants for asthmatics and people with allergies. Apparently the right houseplant{s} can purify the air... Uh Doy!!!! This makes a lot of sense to a science geek like me but to have it confirmed in an article was only half the battle. Inspiration hit and I thought I'd ask some questions about lighting. Since I want these plants to thrive in an area that gets some sun but that are not dependent on full sun and in a basement that gets very little sun I had lots of questions. After a lengthy discussion on watering and potting soil and varieties great for those with semi black thumbs we decided the Peace Lily and the variegated Pothos pictured would be a good start. I mean nothing fails but a try and it can't be worse than the money plant and bamboo I killed last year. I'll be posting updates on my efforts to grow indoors this winter. I hope by then the plants will have doubled in size so they can go in my big pots. Besides these two I will be adding my daughters elephant ear to the mix which I am praying does better than the one our dog peed on, dug out several times, and ultimately killed 3 years ago. **smacks forehead**

With luck and a whole lot of prayer I am hoping to have a house of green inside and out!

Happy planting :)

P.S. I would love to win the free houseplant giveaway at Get Busy Gardening. If you would like to try your hand at adding green to your home for FREE like I do; make sure you get over there and do what you got to do. Here is the link to the giveaway