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July 17, 2012

What haven't I done?

The answer to the question is update this blog with what's really going on in the garden....
So I have been promising an update for weeks now and here is what I've got. I know that I am not the only one out there who is having a busier than a bee summer right? Luckily I have remembered to at least have my camera phone on the ready for what I think are amazing pictures. Today I finally have a little time to share with you. The family has been getting and eating Romanesco squash, Peas, Green Tomatoes, Raspberries up the whazoo, basil, cabbage, and the list goes on and on. 

Also with the gardening has come our first official tour of the year with beverages and snacks, and great conversation. To prepare for this the whole family had to pitch in to do some prep and repair work on an old fence, securing posts for the compost bin and updating the broken lattice work. Never ending weeding.... Watering, re-homing some plants who were'nt doing well (sweet peppers and egg plant... every fricken year) Trellising the now super amazing winter squash plants of which there are 4 monster sized vines; and the pole beans that I've been training for a couple weeks now. There are only 3 red noodle long beans to speak of and I have come to terms with my planting errors where they are concerned. I've come up with an almost realistic plan and here are the top 10 things to remember where the Red Noodle Long bean is concerned.
1. plant more seeds
2. plant more seeds.... Seriously you can't have enough everything likes this plant
3. watch over the seedlings day and night
4. drink lots of coffee because sleep will surely result in missing plants
5. bribe anyone within walking distance to watch over them while away
6. buy or bake treats for anyone who can brave the elements to watch over the plants while you're passed out from stressing over any nibble taken out of them.
7. row cover these seedlings sooner 
8. put chicken wire over the row cover sooner
9. Take a deep breath and release then.... SMILE.... Laugh even..... [you are not obsessing].... OK, maybe you are a little bit but it's fine.... really.... *snickers*
10. Remember to Just let it happen there is always next year and next year you'll probably have moved on to something new from the seed savers catalog you want to try

So now that you've been updated on the "bean" situation, I have to talk about the varmints that have been spotted in the garden. Squirrels (we have a family that live in the large oaks), Milkweed bugs who have a serious s.e.x. problem. They really need to get a room in another garden. Then there are the grasshoppers who are a lovely shade of green instead of the mottled brown of last year, earwigs (bean and everything else eaters), Japanese beetles, and last but not least cucumber beetles. I must say that I am blessed to have hair on my head at this point of the summer. I've again enlisted the services of sprite young people under the age of 13 to spot squish and/or drown any offending critter with the exception of the squirrels. The dog has to have a hobby and squirrel stalking is one of them. Oh and last but not least of the things that keep us busy this year has been slowly but surely removing a diseased maple tree from the front yard, and adding the new patio area to the back yard. It may only be a little more than a dozen blocks and some smooth pebbles to some but to us it's freedom from sinking into the earth around us when we are enjoying a nice breeze in the yard. Plus with a lovely sandy base that I had to carry and never want to envision again, my arms are looking super amazing if I do say so myself... and I just did LOL...
So now that all that has been said it's time for the pictures. Happy Gardening Folks Enjoy!