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June 22, 2012

Potato Leek Soup with BACON

I couldn't resist making this hearty dish. The leeks had begun going to seed and the potato's were on sale. This is a great combination from garden to plate that the big and little people of our home have jumped on pirahna style. This spring I made sure to sow the leeks successively in a couple places.
I plan on saving money and adding more classic bold flavoring to our meals one stalk at a time. Besides harvesting the leeks we've been enjoying the sweetest peas, abundant chard, greens, kale, and even the tat tsoi. Soon we will have abundat tomatoes [I hope]. So far there are two actual fruit on the vine that I've spotted. I have yet to do an inspection today but as my fellow gardeners can attest a day can make a whole lot of difference. Already I can see from the window a host of ripe raspberries ready for the picking. We made a dent in the picking yesterday but I can see there is more to do. With that being said I will update you on my results later. Happy Planting or Harvesting!