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May 7, 2012

So Mulch Going On In The Garden!

Wooden Posts with Strawberries & Mint

Can we really move both of them?
 Cocoa, Cypress, Straw and Hay.... Choose your mulch, gather your weeding tools, and proceed to spend the whole day in the garden. I had pretty simple plans for the day when I first woke up. I planned on implementing a pretty simple mulching of the strawberry bed, and the vegetable garden. I am so sick of muddy paths already that a good "hay down" in the garden was necessary. However, when I took a look around I noticed that the scheme and flow of the berry garden was totally off. 
After multiple breaks for water and resting a sore body; I actually got through the much too LONG tasks of  weeding, digging up, and separating the strawberry plants. This was after removing two super heavy and rotted wooden posts. Thank God I had help because there is no way I could have done this alone. 
My helper keeping squirrels off their favorite posts
Newly mulched Strawberry bed

Not to mention having to spread a few different kinds of mulch (which is one of my gardening secrets) throughout the yard and garden beds. After removing the posts there was a lot of space left over to be filled in; but with them gone not only is there more sunlight, there is room for more seating in our garden area. Much to my surprise though the post removal went smooth.... The back breaking and aching came with removing clumps of unwanted (ie... invasive) freedom mint which ran rampant [big gardening mistake I made 4 years ago]. This stuff just seems to not go away and it doesn't help that I firmly believe in No Artificial Chemicals in the garden.  So with a pitch fork and two extra hands to pull the aggressive fresh smelling buggers there ended up being more than a few struggling strawberry plants in need of some space and a good straw mulching. 

It feels amazing to have this job completed. I couldn't have done it without my 2 helpers today. My daughter and my 4 legged pooch. I'm too tired at this point to update you on my other efforts which included: Trellising peas, watering seedlings, clipping dead ends of raspberries, re-edging strawberry bed, placing edging around raspberries, and mulch mulch mulching. *yawn* I'm calling it a night.
Clean and Mulched Yard & Garden

Happy Planting