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May 1, 2012

Oh Peas Me! Hard Work Abounds.

In spite of this horrible cold I have trying to keep me down; I've managed to get into garden today. I must say I made a heck of a lot of progress. There were several plants to split and move including: hostas, dianthus, bugle weed, day lilies, black berry lilies, creeping phlox and ribbon grass. I even dug up some prolific plants to be moved to a new location that I believe are some type of Perennial Sunflower. The butterflies and birds seem to love these plants but they have grown out of their designated area well into the general lawn (a.k.a. the hubby's territory). I have yet to decide where the stragglers should be placed so they are sitting in a large margarine tub until a new home can be found. As my plants grow and flourish from the care they receive I find that my friends and neighbors think I am becoming one of those "hippy flower chicks". I humbly accept and appreciate the moniker. I think we all have to be good stewards of the earth and I only try to do my part. So with substantial growth in my garden I will continue to substantially give of what I grow to others.

While I only had enough strength for the flower beds today I did manage to peak at the peas. The peas this year so far are "doing the most". I can almost taste the sweet snappiness in a salad or a spring stir-fry. As you can see from the pics they are coming along and will soon need some supports to grab on to. I've yet to decide on twine between the rows, using chicken wire or tree clippings. I have had enough for the day *yawn* the rain should be here soon and my tylenol arthritis has run out. Time to light some candles, take a soak in the tub, and call it a night.

Happy Planting & Good Nite!