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May 15, 2012

Got Beets?

Last fall I pickled beets and somehow lost track of the only 2 jars I made. Well as I went through the pantry to find new jars for the strawberry preserves I made last week low and behold I found them. Now that it's spring I had a dilemma because I couldn't think of the best way to approach them. I had only tried them in a corn salad or fresh.... What to do? *sigh*
Well, if I may digress a little bit; I must attempt to make you fully understand the loathing I had for beets my whole life. [minus the last 3 years I've grown them fresh]
 My mother would open a can and heat the already cooked to death red icky root thingies. The smell alone had me praying there would be enough bread and water to be full for the rest of the night. There was no way they were goin down my throat let alone in my mouth period! Let me tell you, I became the master of the silent treatment and skipping meals. The only thing worse than the store bought aluminum canned beets was liver and onions.... I still can't wrap my conscious mind around consuming them or being near them being consumed. {people love this and I do not mean to offend at all... I'm just not one of "those" people lol} Well my liver and onion story is a story best left for another day. I can tell you though it involves a strange white rabbit and a mutt. Anyway, getting back to the beets.... Last fall I was inspired by a blogger at Neo-Homesteading.blogspot.com who pickles just about everything. Well since my kid who has always loved beets was slowly converting me into liking fresh beets I thought why not amp up my pickling fascination and try something new? We had a late harvest that was prime size for pickling and again I thought why not? So research then pickling ensued and you already know all about me just finding the end results....

So yesterday I was reluctant about trying them but after opening the jar I was drawn to the color and freshness of the pickling juice I had actually made. I was hooked from first taste I took. I ran around the house with a fork digging out the little gems and forcing *cough* I mean offering everyone a taste. There was not one complaint. Even from my husband who loathes that I am always knowingly forcing food that he "hates" onto him. My motto is if you haven't tried it in say 20 years why not?

I have lots of fresh spring lettuce and honey'd chevre {goat cheese}; so I paired them together with a fresh vinaigrette and everything paired perfectly for a dinner salad last night and my afternoon lunch today. I'm so excited about beets that I am now heading out to plant LOTS of them for pickling and fresh beet and corn salads to come this summer. I'll try not to over do it, but can't contain my enthusiasm for these little jewels. Outside of the stains on a light colored clothing (and tablecloths) I have no complaints about fresh or home-made pickled beets. So if you are a scarred beet hater like I was; give fresh beets or home pickled beets a try you could change your mind!