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May 13, 2012

Bizzy Buzzing Mothers Day

What a beautiful day it was today. I made a not so small error walking way too much. Other than resting my now overly exerted body I am reminiscng about all I enjoyed today. Including being among people and creatures big and small. It was not overly warm out which made getting out of the house in shorts a comfortable experience for all of us to get some much needed exercise....
Just not that much exercise! Today I didn't accomplish much in the way of gardening and I am so fine with that. After shopping at the Friends School Plant Sale Friday AND picking up pre-ordered plants from another school fundraiser I have to say that I've had enough with digging and watering for a couple of days. Tomorrow is another day and there is plenty of work to be done inside and outside of the garden. These are some of the happy little critters I captured pics of along the way. If tomorrow is as nice as today who knows what else will come out to say *cheese*? 
Happy Planting