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April 27, 2012

Spring Bouquet!

This early spring has had me on my toes and a little stressed about possibly missing the planting markers for this growing season. I've started sowing seeds and have them tucked into my little green house due to the crazy weather shifts; However, I know it's still April for one more week but the blooms on my lilac bush and my tulip and daffodil are starting to pop. I've read that by the time lilac blooms fade it is time to start planting summer veggies of which I have non to plant... yet!

I'm a little bummed that some of my tulips are already beginning to fade. The barren stems in the front of the house compelled me to race into the back today to grab a few of the remaining tulips and a dusty vase for a spring display. I wish you could smell the lilac via internet because this scent has really helped my mood. For some reason it seems very strong this year so I'm not going to over do it by putting blooms in every room. I may put some in the bathroom though. That place always needs a burst of fragrance.... At least 4 times a day in this house lol. *such a bad joke*

Anyway, flowers make me smile inside and out. I used to dream of being able to cut flowers from my own yard for ¤fancy¤ bouquets. Now I can do that from my own yard and more which makes me more of a proud home owner. It could be the smell of the lilac it could be the mellow sunlight and cool breeze that has my spirits lifted. For now I will take what ever it is and enjoy.

Thanks for reading and 
Happy Planting/Dreaming!