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April 20, 2012

Seed starting 2012 has begun!

It seems like I've had no time to get my seeds started until today. It may have been the cold then warm then hot, then cold again weather.... The gray skies, countless chores, and errands have no doubt played their part as well. In spite of all this I have successfully winter sown cucumber, red and green romaine, zinnias, marigolds, winter squash, tomatoes [stupice, chocolate cherry, yellow pear], red noodle longbeans, summer squash, lima beans, halogen melon, tat tsoi, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things.... So in other words I am a busy bee who has no time for spell check but will work on this blog posting later...[or not]

Happy Planting!

So I have managed to come back and do some spell checking and to provide some additional information for you about my whole 2012 seed starting journey. As you can see from the previous pictures I have chosen for the second year in a row to use Organic Mechanics seed starter. This organic blend contains so many goodies for getting your garden up and growing it's just ridiculous. My seedlings were super strong last year and I don't doubt it was from this fluffy natural blend that didn't bog down the process by being too heavy and lacking nutrients. Organic Mechanics provided vital nutrients once the seedlings burst through their little shells so I didn't have to worry about mixing in fertilizer during watering. In Minneapolis you can find this awesome blend at Mother Earth Gardens. I start my garden journey here every year because they are in my neighborhood, they are friendly and knowledgeable, they offer a host of other organic gardening paraphernalia, and they offer gardening classes. Every year I can find pretty much every thing I need here including beneficials which is a whole other posting all together. But guess what? Mother Earth Gardens already has beneficials in this year including: lady bugs, nematodes, and mason bee homes. 

Happy Planting.... Again!