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April 18, 2012

Sea Salt is OPEN!

When you've braved the multitude of stairs at Minnehaha Falls to make it down to the creek... Just remember you have to get back up to the top some how some way.

 Once your lungs have inflated and deflated rapidly for what will seem like several minutes whilst you recover... head on over to Sea Salt seafood eatery for a nummy Po'Boy to help speed up your recovery. I must admit that I was not so impressed last year when I first tried the eatery. However, that is probably due to EXTREME heat, crabby kids, and the fact that my appetite had not recovered from a recent procedure I'd had due to my Myositis. Bad form on my part because this sandwich today is Slammin! [I usually hate fish].

I wax on and off about the falls a whole lot because it's just a great place to go alone or with friends, and definitely with family (4 legged members included). 
You may have to dodge several bicyclists and other pedestrians with and without dogs to make your way to the sights and the nosh. However, the moral of today's story is to come for the scenery but stay for the crispy fresh fish while the sounds of The Falls splash on in the distance. Who knows I may see you there and we can share a hello.