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February 5, 2012

A Super Superbowl Supper!

It is time for some Football...... The food has been prepared the beverages are cool. (nobody wants warm water or juice lol)
I am bound and detrmined to meet my personal weight loss goals so there is variety in our supper tonight. Healthy options include sonoran tilapia with baked potato wedges, and kymchee rice. The not so healthy options include sinful sweet cinnamon rolls, and fried chichen wings. I must ay it is very nice and even comforting when Everyone in the house pitches in with a meal. The hubby had to have Chicken wings which he prepared. My daughter kicked in the kymchee rice (not pictured) and the lil man of the house stayed out of the way while I made his requested cinnamon rolls. Well that is not all true, he did get the measring cups out and that was a big help to me. I hope you all have a Super Superbowl Sunday. For me the best time is Commercial time... Unless the Packers are playing then I will call for delivery and stayed glued to the Television.