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February 27, 2012

Spring Itch is in full affect.

Catalogs, Applications, Phone Calls, Rough Drafts, Sketches, Notes, Emails...... You name it I've been doing it in preparation for spring 2012. Not only have I decided to participate in a local food resource hub in my neighborhood, I've decided to try my hand at vending at a local farmers market after 4 years off. A whole lot has changed since I was last a vendor. There is way more paperwork than I remember, as well as insurance requirements that are proving to be more difficult than I first thought. After several phone calls and research online I'm hoping to have finalized what I need to do business at the market by later today. The issue is whether the policy should be a commercial policy or an attachment to the personal home-owners policy since the product is homemade. *sigh*

Responsible people do the right thing and I've always labeled my food with dates and ingredients. I figure most people who give the gift of food do to some degree, and I am all about safety because no one wants botulism or salmonella poisoning. However this insurance issue is grating at me because I'm not getting clear answers about coverage and have literally talked to 5 different people in at least two different states not to mention multiple counties; and that was just today. So right now I will say that *possibly* you will find delicious QBJ's Jams & Jellies available at the Midtown Farmers Market this year; but if not I will still do what I do for family and friends because that is my way of showing love even if there is no return profit involved. Well it's that time of day where kids start hollering for a snack and to be picked up from the bus stop on a timely manner (if not in that order). lol

Happy Spring planning, I'll tell you more about my Spring itch to dig in the dirt later. Hey if snow is in the forecast a girl can still dream about bumble bees and lightening bugs. *smiles*