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January 18, 2012

How to grow at growing.

A big part of why I do this blog is chronicle what works and doesn't work in and around my garden. Mostly because it ultimately will end up on our table or our neighbors and relatives tables. So I can't just fly blindly into the garden and just dig aimlessly at the crusty earth. I have to plan and prepare before I begin sometimes doing some testing of the area I plan to plant in. I have to research and decide what plants can successfully grow in my area... yada yada yada! I could go on and on about my process but for now I won't bore you.
Gardening and it's larger counterpart Farming are usually learned skills. I have a knack and my husband would say insatiable desire to learn. This is why I'm posting information today about a great opportunity for those interested in expanding upon what they currently do or for those interested in dipping a foot into the field (so to speak) of farming.

Years ago I participated as a jelly/jam vendor in a local farmers market here in the city. Since then I am constantly looking for ways to perfect my recipes so that I can again be competitive so as to get back some of the investment I make into this venture. Well a perfect opportunity has come about for all of this. A chance to learn more about backyard farming and becoming a stronger vendor has appeared in the form of a Facebook link from the Midtown Farmers Market. On February 3rd and 4th there will be a 200 or so farmers attending the Immigrant and Minority Farmers Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota. This is a regional conference that will host farmers from several other states for two days of workshops and fellowship. I hope to further develop my skills as an urban farmer and find like minded farmers/gardeners to share experiences and goals with.

For more information about the upcoming conference and to register go to the Minnesota Food Association's website at: http://www.mnfoodassociation.org/content/12484 Even when you think you have heard it all there is always some new tip or trick to learn. Happy Planning to you and I hope to see you at the conference.