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October 15, 2011

Pumpkin painting @ MPLS Farmers Market

Another reason to support the local markets? They love on our kids with more than delicious fresh produce. They fill little hearts by providing colorful gourds, multiple colors, glitter, and opportunities to be creative. I love that even though the dog days of summerare gone we can still find great things to eat and do @ our local farmers market. As you can see from the pictures I was able to find beautiful parsnips, and the freshest Jerusalem artichoke I've ever seen. This is an ingredient I have seen in the past and stayed away from because I had no clue. However, I will be using these beauties in a couple different dishes that I hope please my finicky crew. I'll try them creamed into a soup, and a roasted recipe. If this goes over well then you know where I'll be next week.... My local farmers market or somewhere similar hoarding... I mean purchasing another clutch of them. Another honorable mention of the day are the salad greens. I found some amazing lettuce and greens that I'm paring with a little bit of everything. I've got to make sure we all get them in daily. So, with all that said I hope you check out what is going on at your local market and if yours is the same as mine say hello.

Happy Dayz to you!