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October 21, 2011

No Frost On These Potatoes

Some how my internal cold monitor went off in time for us to get the potatoes dug up. Wouldn't you know as I post this update the news is reporting that last night we finally reached official first frost temps at the Twin Cities International Airport. I guess I do have 6th sense when it comes to cold....

Well, I have been dreading this for some time now due to our unusually early cold weather. Yes we are in Minnesota the land of schizophrenic climates that can change in the blink of an eye. But it doesn't help to be achy and sniffly and just plain zapped from the dryness and lack of sunlight these days. What's a girl to do? I've tried first bribng then ultimately shaming the kids into digging them up. I even thought about teaching the hound to dig potatoes for a nice scooby snack. None of my drama and theatrics was successful so I had to get my big toosh up with my big girl panties on, wrap my neck, and bundle up to begin my last adventure in the garden this year. And because I have the best husband and kids in the world as I gathered tools and the garden fork to dig in.... POOF!! Instant husband and kids surrounded me and my box lined with newspaper to pitch in and help. See our lovely results below! I can't wait to cook these bauties for my crew of dirt dobbers. They deserve the best and from me that's what they shall have even if I am a drama queen these days. I love those guys and gal..... the 4 legged ones too!

Happy Harvest People!