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October 7, 2011

Mom's pickled okra. Yummy!

I love pickling and now my mom has caught the pickling bug too. Usually I stay away from consuming okra due to the slime factor when cooked. For my birthday the other day I gt a box from mom with some preserved items including, muscadine jelly and pickled okra. It takes a good cook to use okra in a way that doesn't have slime oozing down your throat. My mom can definitely fry up a good batch with crunch but she doesn't live close eough so I can enjoy them fried. Most people I know put it in gumbo or soup. If it's going into any kind of soup... I avoid it like the plague. This is my first time trying okra pickles and I will tell you now I am going to harvest the remaining pods in my garden and brine those bad babies before it is too late. 
I know it's strange to some for a person to grow a plant they would not eat themselves. I would say to you, have you never seen an okra blossom? It is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. If I could collect a bloom and preserve it for more than a day they'd be all over my house. But alas I can not, and I look forward to next years summer bounty already because just like the movie "There Will Be Blood"; I can guarantee "There Will Be Okra" and subsequently "There will be Okra Pickles!".

Happy Harvesting,