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October 21, 2011

Bringing Back Pizza Night

It's been too many months since we've indulged in a pizza night. Well with school back in and everyones schedules picking up for the fall we have to make a point to get everyone involved in communing together. Tonights culinary activities got us a chicken brocolli and (homemade) pesto pizza with an accompanying meaty boy pizza that is full of turkey pepperoni and italian sausage. To burn off our delicious weekend endeavor we did manage to get in a very long almost 2 hour walk with the dog. Overkill? Maybe, but getting the family together outdoors ad involved with dinner is importat to me and the DH. Sunny days like this are too far and few in our region so it's importat to take advantage of the good stuff. I think my fam knows the good stuff is when we're together.