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August 14, 2011

Our first pattypan squash yum!

I've been waiting all summer for these beautiful tasty squash to ripen. But, after it turned cool on us I thought for sure I'd missed the mark on these. The plants are gynormous and there were male blooms galore. However the female blooms were no-where to be seen until just a week and a half ago. Now the little she's are popping open all over the squash patch. I have been purposely not buying squash at the market as I skulked by jealosly gawking at their pleantiful trays. I didn't go so far as to wish borers on them but felt like an envious red headed step child watching the fat kids eat cake at the garden party. What is their secret? Alas my fare weather people answered that for me in the paper last week. It's all about location, location location this year. Some of us were too wet some were too dry and all of us were too hot. Not to mention slugs,boreres, and japanese beetles... Now I fall into the lucky category and have been able to actually and literally eat the fruits of my labor and as you can see from the photo, enjoy the XBOX-360 a little too.
Happy Planting and Squash Eating everyone,