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August 20, 2011

$20 at the St.Paul farmers market

Our first visit to the St. Paul market was all I wanted and more. It started with a horse drawn carriage ride from the "FREE"parking lot. The brawny pair of studs carried us as if we weighed nothing at all. With just a sight whistle they new when and where to turn down the city streets avoiding both pedestrian and vehicle when they do. With such great service we couldn't help but donate to their "apple" fund. Once we arrived at the actual market stands; which we could have walked to less than a block away mind you; we got busy venturing for honey comb and peppers. However, we couldn't stop at peppers and honey. We found MN Grown eggplant, rutabaga and kholrabi, "Young Thang" goat cheese from Love Tree farmstead cheese, and "Lorz Italian"garlic from The Herb Man out of Farmington Mn all for $20 dollars which was a great price. I'm always happy to go to farmers markets; I meet so many nice people and always seem to find something new to add to our culinary resume.
 Happy Planting, Harvesting, and Farmers Marketing!


P.S. The egg rolls were AMAZING!