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July 4, 2011

Our small 4th holiday dinner

Smetimes bigger is not better. I am so gladthat we decided to have a small intimate dinner for four than the spread we put on for almost 30 on Saturday. The holidays can be so hectic and planning ahead a little keeps the chaos and fatigue to a minimum. Tonight we are feasting on deer bratts, devilled eggs, and a garlic parm mash. The side salad is not in the pic because I was too tired to make it. However, we do have fresh strawberries, peaches,and plums for dessert. Oh as a side note the sausage was locally sourced from my moms farm land in the south. It had been in the freezer for a while because I have an issue eating meat at times. Especially cute doe eyed meat..... With hat ad my tummy is rumbling and it's time to chow down.