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July 11, 2011

Our Garden July 2011

We have been a very busy family in the garden this year. Even though we've scaled back the amount of veggies and flowers, there is still a lot that has to be done to maintain a healthy and tidy garden space. As you can see from the pictures we have again incorporated lots of straw for our paths and as mulch around some of our veggies. Also, since we've had so much success with cocoa mulch in the past around our leeks and rasberries we used them in the herb bed which you can see is the middle section that is a small rectangle of plants with the path around it. Yes, visually it adds contrast to the yellow straw but I was looking for weed suppression as well as no additional grass seeds that come with the use of straw no matter how "clean".  As I am the main weeder in the family I had to come up with a way to accomplish my goal of a clutter free space including little to no weeds. At first my gardening partners Eb was skeptical about what I wanted to accomplish. Though after last nights rain and days of steamy weather we have what looks to be a picture perfect space without clutter mess and weedy stress. Please enjoy the photos as I am very proud of what we've accomplished thus far. Can't wait to taste the first sweet tomatoes of the season from our own back yard. The lemon boys have taken off and just over night we went from one small tomato to seven little baby tomatoes. Pictures of these will be coming soon enough. How is your garden growing? Please share I'd love to see.
Happy Planting