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July 13, 2011

Are those more rasberries?

The picking continues and I must say I am pleased with the fruits of our labor. (pun intended) The amount of time and energy we put into the actual bushes was minimal this year. They were pretty much a set it and forget it item. Besides cutting back old canes and digging up new and excess plants this spring; we attempted a last minute trellis or tie up job after a couple bad storms whipped them hither and yon. After that the bees moved in.... Mostly the bumbles, and we received a crop that will be long remembered. Especially by my plumpy arms lol. 
As far as my plan for next years crop.(yes, I really am thinking that far ahead), I am going to try and remember to tie a string around this years canes so I can cut them earlier this winter. That way I only have to worry about moving and mulching in the new ones we want to keep for next year. I will space the plants out more next spring so our path to the ripe fruit is not so cluttered and clingy. And NOTE TO SELF... Rememberto use cocoa mulch and lots of fish emulsion.... Shhhhhh that's my other little all natural secret don't let it out.