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June 15, 2011

The Peanut Has Been Planted!

For weeks I have debated on how I would plant this lone peanut plant. Believe me when I say it really was a task coming up with something because there have been casualties....... Well, until I drove by a local urban CSA whose name is escaping me just now I had no clue how to keep this plant safe. This CSA is using a form of straw bale gardening (which I would love to know more about) for their produce. As I drove by the light bulb just FLASHED! So one morning this week as I contemplated activities for myself and the little one to accomplish.(I guess that was Monday) I found some old chicken wire I was hoarding for such an occasion and popped the strings on our newest seating arrangement (the straw bale); opened up two bags of composted manure and went to town with this container?.... After ripping up and tossng the 5 poor looking bokchoy that freakishly went to seed with barely 4 leaves I began making a double loop or tube which I secured into he ground with no less than 4 garden stakes. I then began packing the bottom and sides with straw and as I packed I slowly added the compost. Eventually I made it to the top and stirred my mixtrue making sure that I had enough straw around the sides to hold water. Soon it was planting time. Because the two other peanut plants were assaulted and eaten by an unknown entity(squirrels or mice think). I took precautions to ensure a good chance at a fall harvest by taking a cut off milk jug and securing this over the plant like a miniature greenhouse or cloche. I then dug a clump of mint from the berry garden and planted this behind the lonely old peanut to hopefully thwart the mice from nabbing it. After this I watered everything in as best I could and crossed my fingers. I will add more pictures later as the season progresses. If the wild life nabs this one then it's really time to fuss and then it's sweet potatoe time.