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June 16, 2011

My big musky!!

First Fishing trip of the year and not 5 minutes in look at what I caught! It was pure luck really. I saw this big guy looking up at me from the dock so I just dangled my hook in front of him and walla instant photo-op. That was at least an hour and a half ago and there has been nothing but the sun biting me and my line ever since. We are on the hunt for something smaller (aka crappie) that I can fry up for the hub but nothing is really happening at this point. Not that any true Minnesotan could or would turn down a walleye if they hooked it. But at this point, that would truly be a miracle from God. So until that happens I'll just be content to tan the back of my arms while I read Gena Showalters "Heart of the Dragon". Happy planting if you can get something in the soggy soil. If not grab a line and some bait and join us!