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May 31, 2011

Spring garden 2011

Today included a busy morning of sowing some of the last seeds, corms, and seedlings into the garden beds. I am so excited about the addition of more perrenial herbs to the herb section in the middle of our large veggie bed. Sorrel and lemon grass are the latest additions as well as a red cilantro I picked up from the "Friends School Plant Sale". So far so good as far as the early peas go. They are about an inch to two inches tall now. If it doesn't get too hot too fast I see lots of nummy pods in our future. Some of the seeds sown today included georgia collards, parsnips, edmame soy beans, green beans, burgundy beans, purple hull peas, swiss chard (red), turnip, kholrabi, and golden beets. The plants we put in (Eb came home from work in time to provide a much needed assist) included two types of mystery tomato plants. Which could be old german and/or chocolate cherry.(one ofthe kids lost the tags when moving to greenhouse). This brings our current tomato plant count to nine which should be more than enough for all I have planned. Two types of pepper plants went in today as well. The pepperoncini and the purple beauty both heirloom varieties brought our pepper total to ten. Which may need thinning to eight depending on the health of a couple leggy transplants. Overall I must say that I am happy to have made so much progress today after all the excess rain and cloud cover. The wind as we speak is ravaging the rasberry canes that I a now wishing were staked and trellised on all sides. The good thing is the have yet to flower so we aren't losing potemtial fruit. The bad thing is I have to untangle the mess of canes that I am so glad are the thornless variety. On days like this I understand the Minnesota term Ufdah!!!

Happy Planting......
Franksgreengirl - Tina