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March 15, 2011

Cold Frames

 I have been researching the construction of cold frames lately and I have to say it seems like a project I should take on this spring after the thaw. Has anyone else been successful at the building and maintainance of a cold frame? I would love to know what your results have been and be even more excited to see pictures of functional cold frames. The conundrum I am in right now is permanent or temporary frame? I would like to increase the height,depth, and width of my smaller border garden and think the addition of a cold frame would both allow me to extend the growing season later into the year, as well as give me a place to harden off and even start seeds earlier in the season. My current winter sowing method seems promising and I will have many pictures posted soon. (most likely today) Please send pics as soon as possible I am getting the gardening itch and it's never to soon to start planning planting.