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January 16, 2011

New Beginnings 2011

This year I have resolved to do more in the arena of growth. Of course I will continue flower and vegetable gardening, but in addition to this pastime of mine I am working on personal growth as a student of life. For starters I have attended a local gardening club to meet like minded people, get me out of my own little garden haven, and also to aide in my yearly planning for the growing season. Most importantly though is the meeting like minded people. Gardeners are my kind of people. I learn so much from past and current gardeners that I think my brain is physically growing. Another way I intend on growing as a student of life is to open myself up to new experiences. There are so many options out there and I would love to expand on my culinary knowledge as well as get into pottery design and explore some home improvement courses and maybe even some woodshop.

While I am wading into the waters of personal growth though I have to get some of the fussing actually documented here for you. There is such a broad array of niches in the gardening/farming world that my mind is eagerly awaiting the digital purging to come. This year I plan on adding topics that include information on starting and sustaining Urban Chicken flocks, Window farming for northerners and the whole aqua-ponics revolution, What's the buzz at our local farmers markets, information on how I get the kids involved in the garden, and so much more.  With all that being said, I look forward to our new beginning this year. Be sure to share your experiences in the garden or on the farm with us because we love meeting new people and sharing information.

Best Regards,

Franksgreengirl a.k.a Tina