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November 27, 2010

Left overs? Fried Turkey Pho

Multimedia Message Happy beginnings to the holiday season friends. It's been a while since I've updated with so many activities this time of year. I will be retro-blogging as soon as I have a few more minutes. However, I could not help but tell you to not discard thoseturkey carcasses just yet before making a yummy vietnamese soup called Pho. Like many of you the rich fare from thanksgiving has left me with some bloating. This recipe will utilize some of the old and make you feel brand new.
The recipe: 
cover turkey remnants with water and simmer til what's left falls off the bone
season with salt pepper, garlic and onion(powder is fine), add scallions, bok choy(chopped), and what ever veg you like. (I use a little hoisin and soy in my stock as well)
 Prepare your rice noodle as directed on lable
Ladle broth into bowl
add if you like, bean sprouts, basil, jalapeno, cilantro