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June 8, 2010

Tomato Craziness

Tomato crazy lady sounds better than Crazy lady with too many tomato plants. At least that's is what I think about the situation. After several chilly frozen months filled with planning and dreams of green all around, and weeks of caring for precious seedlings; I some how ended up with 21 tomato plants in the garden. I am an urban gardener, Translation: I do not own 10 or even 2 acres. I love tomatoes like the next semi gardening fanatic. However, these beautiful specimens have to be scaled down to a reasonable number that can be managed by a party of two. 6 to 8 plants would be optimal, but my enthusiasm kind of got the better of me, plus I had a friend or two "gift" me some of their favorites and just couldn't say no.

So today I was faced with the dilemma of choosing which plants to pinch or chuck into the compost bin. Luckily for me our neighborhood recyclable team showed up before I made a decision I would regret. I was able to gift 2 mystery tomato plants that showed up in our beet bin, and a black krim plant that needed a good home. She was glad to have them and I was so glad to see them go. Now I had room for the "green zebra" and "brandywine" I received from my new soap buddy. **deep breath** Now, only 6 more plants to find homes for.... My daughter wants to keep them and sale/give away the fruit. I am having day-mares about trellising so many plants...I have managed a call or two and hopefully will receive "yes's" to my question of finding them good homes. I want to take the time to focus on my swiss chard mix that has been ravaged by leaf burrowing menaces. I have been cutting the leaves of infested chard and beats to hopefully end up with a good crop. Just in case my efforts don't work I have put in a sun loving chard in front of the spaghetti squash the hubby and I planted the other day.  I take full responsibility for the infestation as I did not pre-plant my marigolds which I have done fr the past 3 years. I waited a little late and now this is what I have....Sickly looking leaves but very strong tasty stems....(urrgggghhh Nature)

My other infestation has affected the asparagus and the cabbage. This too could have been avoided by planting marigold and nasturtium sooner. The culprit? Slugs...Nasty little balls of flesh that are quite cute when looking at them straight on....However, they have managed to eat not 1 but 8 cabbage plants. So far they are staying away from the remaining purple cabbage (thanks to the chipmunk), Brussel Sprouts, and purple cauliflower.  I was fatigued just thinking about plucking all the little slimy suckers off then I remembered I had a product (natural) called sluggo. I successfully moved them from the squash and then they finished off the cabbage....Now I'm thinking I need to take a trip to the nursery to "buy" more red cabbage to actually have a harvest for my Chow Chow.

I'm overwhelmed with wonder, curiosity, and fear of trellising....*sigh* Tomorrow is another day and I still have a smile on my face