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June 13, 2010

Garden Guests who wear green

The slug and now grass hopper invasion started me thinking about other "green" alternatives at my disposal to turn the tides on them. Last year we hatched preying mantis babies to find a cozy spot for the summer. This year my approach is the same only something a little higher up on the food chain. While clicking through about.com for some information on companion planting and beneficial insects I came across an article about toads and other garden guests that we sometimes overlook in our pursuit of all other things green.

I am not a squeemish woman (usually), and I happen to love frogs and toads and salamanders. My obsession with amphibians started at an early age. I remember every detail of  myself as a 5 year old and my 3 year old brother liberating all the red and gold salamanders from the fish tank as a child. I told them that they could sleep in my room but they thought underneath the couch cushions was a comfier option. They probably thought this because that's where we ultimately stashed them just before my mom walked in from work. I'll never know what became of them, one day they were there and the next poof they were gone. Now that I'm considerably older than 5 I think it's best salamander and guppies (shhhh don't tell my mom) stay in their natural habitat. However, I think that a toad or 5 would enjoy frolicking in our backyard haven that is teaming with nice crunchy bugs and soft bodied delicacies if they so choose them. I have been researching this for quite some time, and have finally gotten around to creating some places in our yard that will not only attract, but retain some amphibian life. Since we are not too far from lakes, rivers, or creeks we should end up with croaking guests at anytime. Pictures of our first guests will hopefully be coming soon so be on the look out.  Happy Gardening!!!!