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April 16, 2010

Winter Sowing Update (2)

I can't tell you enough about how excited I am with this Winter Sowing! As you can see from the pictures below the seeds are germinating like crazy in their recycled plastic containers and I couldn't be more pleased. What I notice most about this process of starting plants from seeds is the strength of the seedlings themselves. They are stout sturdy little buggers! Just as a little science/botany project I started some of the same seeds in our aquarium system. The aquarium plants are much longer and thinner than the seedlings started outside the "natural" way by Winter Sowing. I highly recommend this method of gardening for everyone. Not only will it put to use some of those annoying plastic containers we all struggle with getting rid of. It gives us a way to more easily start the process of gardening. 

The pictures below if you can't read the labels are: Sweet William, Cosmos, and Sugar Daddy Peas.