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April 4, 2010

My Easter Coconut Cake

This time a couple years ago I lost one of the loves of my life. My Grandma Willie was a wonderful woman who had so many skills in the kitchen and garden I wished she had time left on the earth to share them all with me and the rest of the world. As a memorial to my grandmother I have finally gotten the guts to attempt making what I believe is a great recreation of her coconut cake. So far so good everything came out wonderfully! I have yet to taste it myself, but my daughter says it's beyond "The Bomb", and my son is sleeping but tasted the icing and loved it.  Tonight I've chosen to show the finished product first and then the step by step process of making it. I will be adding a recipe soon, but I am so beat I have to lay it down for a while. Please enjoy the beautiful photo of the cake I am really proud and humbled after this cathartic experience.