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April 18, 2010

Mini Green House (1)

This is the BIG ~ Mini project we had been putting off due to weather and just pure plain busyness. In our exuberance and excitement over 70 degree weather we transplanted some seedlings too early and didn't heed the cool evening/morning temps nor our strict watering regimen. MY BAD!! **blush ~ blush**

I thought it would work out better for me and my two cohorts (hubby and daughter) if we devised a system that could take full advantage of the not so unusual bipolar Minnesota warm then freezing weather without killing all our precious transplants in the process. So since we have ample garden and yard space we took on the task of a greenhouse. I always hear rave revues about this system and truthfully it has been working on a micro level wth the milk jugs so I figured why not? Take a look at the pictures and see for yourself the end result.